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Highland Park Cash For Gold

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Highland Park Cash For Gold

Allura Fine Jewelers has been serving the Highland Park and Chicagoland Area for more than 70 years.  No one in the industry knows the valuation of gems, jewels and precious metals better than Allura does.  Not only do we possess the background and expertise to sell jewelry and provide cash for gold to our Highland Park customers, but we are recognized for always obtaining the best value for them.  We are intimately aware that selling your jewelry is not something you take lightly, as there may be great sentimental value associated with certain items of jewelry because they may have been gifts or part of an inheritance.  Perhaps they do not suit your tastes, or they conjure up painful memories.  Regardless of the circumstances, our Highland Park clientele can rest assured that whenever they come to the knowledgeable appraisers at Allura Fine Jewelry seeking cash for gold, or to sell jewelry, we will treat them with great deference and respect. 

Highland Park Sell Gold

Highland Park, Illinois has a population of nearly 30,000 residents and is in the southeastern part of Lake County on the North Shore of the Chicago Metropolitan Area.  Allura Fine Jewelers is in Highland Park at: 1848 First Street.  Our founder, Irving Jacobson, is a Gemology Institute of America trained and certified professional who possesses the necessary talent and vast experience in the jewelry business that our Highland Park customers admire and appreciate.  Together with Stephen Greenfield, they have created a highly respected and much-admired jewelry business in the heart of Highland Park.  Allura’s cash for gold service is a great way for Highland Park residents to recycle old jewelry and sell gold items they no longer want.  Highland Park clients can be confident that when they sell gold or sell jewelry with Allura Fine Jewelers, they will receive the best market value.

Highland Park Sell Jewelry

Allura Fine Jewelers is recognized for ensuring that when Highland Park customers choose to sell jewelry or gold, it is a straightforward transaction. We approach all of our business with the greatest level of integrity and probity and believe all of our customers deserve to be treated with respect and the universal standards of personalized service.  Allura Fine Jewelers is distinguished for its experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and resolute honesty.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you when you are looking to sell gold or sell jewelry, or when you would prefer to receive cash for gold items you no longer use.  To learn more about our discrete cash for gold transactions, or to learn more about our Highland Park appraisal services, buyer services, or jewelry consignment, call Allura Fine Jewelers at: (847) 433-2444, Monday through Saturday, 10 AM – 5 PM. 

Highland Park Cash For Gold | Highland Park Sell Gold | Highland Park Sell Jewelry

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