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Highland Park Lab Diamonds | Highland Park Lab Grown Diamonds

Highland Park Lab Diamonds

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Highland Park Lab Diamonds

Allura Fine Jewelers is known throughout the Highland Park area as a preeminent jewelry store. After being a leader in earth diamonds and being the go-to place for them, we have also started to do lab diamonds. Always leading the way in all things new. We specialize in a wide variety of sophisticated and elegant lab created diamonds for clients with the most discriminating tastes. In addition to delivering exquisite quality and value, Allura provides remarkable lab grown diamonds that offer the same sparkle and clarity as earth-mined diamonds. Frequently, lab diamonds are less expensive than mined diamonds and are recognized as a more environmentally friendly choice for jewelry. Whenever our Highland Park clientele are considering purchasing jewelry for lab created diamonds, Allura Fine Jewelers is their first stop.  

Highland Park Lab Grown Diamonds

Highland Park, Illinois is in Lake County with nearly 30,000 residents.  Allura Fine Jewelers is conveniently situated in the heart of Highland Park, Illinois at 1848 First Street. We have been assisting our customers making the best and most educated decisions for over seven decades. When it comes to jewelry, we are available to assist clients in selecting the most suitable lab diamonds for their needs.  Allura is renowned for serving clients throughout the Highland Park area with an unsurpassed commitment to excellence.

Highland Park Lab Created Diamonds

When customers visit our Highland Park store, they often experience us not just meeting their expectations, but rather exceeding them.  Our Gemology Institute of America (GIA) trained expert, Irving Jacobson, conducts all our jewelry appraisal evaluations.  Our other GIA expert, Stephen Greenfield, has an impressive background from the Gemological Institute of America. He is a certified expert in diamonds, colored stones, pearls, design, and appraisals.  We suggest that individuals who would like to learn more about our flawless lab grown diamonds should call Allura Fine Jewelers for an appointment at: (847) 433-2444.  We are open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  We recommend that you contact us to find out more information about our convenient concierge service and shopping from home.

Highland Park Lab Diamonds | Highland Park Lab Grown Diamonds | Highland Park Lab Created Diamonds

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