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Northbrook Lab Diamonds

Widely heralded as having the most exceptional lab grown diamonds in the Chicago area, Allura Fine Jewelers is considered to be without equal by its discerning clientele.  In addition to affording its clients with the utmost of excellence and value, Allura furnishes its customers with the finest lab created diamonds that are guaranteed to produce the dazzling sparkle and crystal-clear clarity, which makes them equal to earth-mined diamonds.  Best of all, Allura‚Äôs lab diamonds are more reasonably priced than mined diamonds, besides being more environmentally friendly.  Our lab grown diamonds are in no way subordinate to mined diamonds.  On the occasion our Northbrook clients are anticipating purchasing lab created diamonds, the only name they need to know is Allura Fine Jewelers.

Northbrook Lab Grown Diamonds

Northbrook, Illinois is in Cook County with over 33,000 residents who call it home.  Allura Fine Jewelers is located at: 1848 First Street in Highland Park, less than seven miles north of Northbrook.  Allura has been delivering exceptional services to its Northbrook customers and helping them select the highest quality lab diamonds they desire for over 70 years.  Our lab grown diamonds are virtually flawless and contain no discernable inclusions.  Allura Fine Jewelers is well known for delivering extraordinary services to its Northbrook clients.

Northbrook Lab Created Diamonds

Likewise, Allura Fine Jewelers will not only strive to endeavor to meet the expectations of Northbrook clients, but we will certainly exceed them.  All of our jewelry appraisals are conducted by our GIA (Gemology Institute of America) trained expert, Irving Jacobson.  Mr. Jacobson is joined by Stephen Greenfield, also a GIA expert, who is renowned as a certified expert in diamonds, colored stones, pearls, design, and appraisals.

For more information about our amazing lab diamonds, call Allura Fine Jewelers at: (847) 433-2444, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In addition, we urge you to contact us about our concierge service and how you can shop from the comfort of your home.

Nrothbrook Lab Diamonds | Northbrook Lab Grown Diamonds | Northbrook Lab Created Diamonds

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