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Jewelry and Watch Repair

Jewelry and Watch Repair

Jewelry and watch repair can be inconvenient when you live a busy lifestyle. It can be difficult to care for your fine jewelry on a regular basis. Even when you’re extra careful, over time, all fine jewelry needs some form of services to keep it maintained and looking like new.

Allura Jewelry here to help you with many types of jewelry and watch repair. Everyone can take advantage of our repair services, no matter where your jewelry was purchased. We’ll be able to help you with:

  • Jewelry and watch repair
  • Resizing your jewelry for that perfect fit.
  • Repairing your jewelry, chains, and clasps with the highest quality, in a timely manner. Most of the time this can be done as you wait!
  • Making sure all of your fine diamonds and gemstones are secure.
  • Cleaning, polishing and refinishing jewelry crafted of precious metals.
  • Watch repair including battery changes, crystal repair, cleaning and polishing.

Repairs are performed in our own shop, and are the finest quality work and materials. Our experts will solve your jewelry problems.


Most people are guilty of wearing their jewelry in the shower, to the gym, while cleaning the house, gardening or preparing dinner. Overtime, those activities, as well as, the residue from soaps, cleaning solutions, lotions, and dirt not only dim the shine of jewelry, but they can also damage the metal and gemstones. We treat all types of precious metals, gemstones, diamonds and pearls. We make sure you get your jewelry back sparking and shining like brand new.

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