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Lab Grown Diamonds from Allura Jewelers

Allura Jewelers is extremely excited to offer one of the most dramatic industry-changing innovations in the world of precious gems: Lab Grown Diamonds. The same amazing quality for a fraction of the price of naturally generated diamonds. Visit Allura Fine Jewelers to see for yourself!

Simply put, you’ll always pay less for more stone.

While you may be inclined to dismiss the idea of unnatural diamonds as “fake,” Lab Diamonds are an opportunity to purchase 100% real diamonds at a fraction of the cost of natural. Simply put, you’ll always pay less for more stone. If fact, the larger the stone, the bigger the savings!

It’s an exciting time for sellers and consumers.

The technology required to produce diamonds in a lab has existed for quite some time—several decades—recent improvements in quality based on the trademark “4 C’s (Carat, Clarity, Cut and Color) have completely changed the industry. It’s an exciting time for sellers and consumers.

Lab grown diamonds are… DIAMONDS!

Lab grown diamonds are… DIAMONDS! Grown in highly controlled environments. These stones are created using processes that mimic the conditions under which natural diamonds develop naturally, far beneath the crust of the Earth. Since lab generated diamonds are made from the same material as natural diamonds—carbon atoms arranged in a diamond crystal structure—they possess the same chemical and optical properties. Unlike the fakes of the past, lab diamonds are authentic diamonds. The difference between lab generated and natural is only distinguishable using highly specialized machinery. Such devices determine the origin of the stone. The ethical and sustainable nature of lab diamonds is an even bigger—and important—paradigm shift in the world of diamonds.

Allura Jewelers is your premier source for Lab Grown Diamonds.

Allura Jewelers joins many jewelers across the industry stocking both natural and lab generated diamonds. Like any precious gem, it is important to purchase from a trusted seller. You can also request certification and if necessary, have the item tested by a third-party.

Contact Allura Jewelers today or visit our store to shop and discuss lab grown diamonds.

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